The Outdoor Sports Insurance Shop Program

Program includes:

  • Rental and Repair Liability coverage is included for skis, snowboards, inline skates, bikes and helmets.
  • Demo and Rental of Canoe and Kayak**
  • Guided Tours**
  • Lessons and Instructions**
  • Credit Card Fraud Coverage
  • Cyber Liability (Data Breach) Coverage and Response
  • Exhibition Floater for Off-site Sales
  • Transit Coverage
  • Property of Others Included
  • All types of coverage available including automobile, crime, umbrella and workers compensation, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, life, health and employee benefits.

**Some restrictions apply: Please call for details.

Tailor-Made Coverage for Your Needs

Whether your business sells sports equipment or sportswear, you have very specific needs in terms of the inventory you carry, the employees you hire and the business insurance you want. Our program has been specifically designed for you.

Data Risk Liability Insurance & Breach Response Solutions

Your customers trust you with confidential information. Loss of customer records due to a stolen computer, a hack attack, a rogue employee, or simply negligence can be catastrophic. The cyber liability program provided by Identity Fraud, Inc. (IFI) and insured by AIG delivers the industry’s leading data theft risk management and insurance solutions for small businesses. Included are proactive prevention tools, cyber liability insurance, and breach response essentials, like Incident Response On-Demand™. To purchase now, click here.

Loss Control Program/Risk Management Services

We offer comprehensive loss control services designed to help you reduce your losses for all lines of coverage. Our loss control specialists work together with you to help reduce the potential for losses occurring. We have developed a Shop Technician Risk Management Training Tool which we provide free to our members. It can be used in a group training session or as a self-test for individual technicians.

Release Forms

With the help of the top ski and sports defense attorneys in the United States, we have put together a complete sample release form notebook. This free notebook contains sample release form wording for all types of sports equipment rental or sales, as well as special events.

Local Claims Service

Claims service facilities are located near you no matter where you are. We are committed to giving our customers fair and responsive claims service. We have specialized claims adjusters that understand the ski and sports industry. They are trained to work with the binding manufacturer indemnification program so claims covered by them are not paid under your policy.

Hand-Picked Defense Team

Most insurance companies use in-house lawyers for defense work. We do not. We use attorneys who specialize in ski defense cases. They are hand picked attorneys highly skilled in ski and ski equipment litigation. Peter Rietz, the former Special Counsel for the National Ski Areas Association with 34 years of successfully representing virtually all the Colorado ski resorts and defending ski shops nationwide leads our team and is retained by us. Peter is additionally a fully certified ski instructor and former racing coach.

Retailers and Manufacturers: Providing The Protection You Need

Outdoor Sports Insurance (OSI), a Horizon Agency Program, specializes in providing vital insurance protection for retailers. Your business of providing product and services to the outdoor sports market needs to be protected. OSI has the knowledge and experience to analyze, assess and present insurance options that balance the amount of coverage with the level of risk to properly protect your company.

Insurance Protection for Retailers
  • Rental, demo and repair liability
  • Complete Business Package Policy
  • Competitive pricing
  • Specific industry coverage
  • Incidental guiding and instruction
  • Commercial Auto and Workers’ Compensation
Quality Benefits & Services
  • Reviewal and provided release forms
  • Local professional claims handling
  • Industry attorneys on retainer
  • Risk management training and webinars
  • Program designed by industry experts
  • Risk Management Training Modules – View Demo

Outdoor Sports Insurance (OSI), a Horizon Agency Program, provides vital product and general liability insurance for manufacturers and distributors. Your business of selling or manufacturing products needs to be protected. Through our assessment and review process, OSI will provide coverage options that will balance the amount of coverage with the level of risk to properly protect your company.

Insurance Protection for Manufacturers & Distributors
  • All lines of coverage options
  • Standard market carrier for hard good manufacturers
  • Softgood and accessory companies
  • Risk management training and webinars
  • Commercial Auto and Workers’ Compensation
Quality Benefits & Services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Payment plan options
  • Customer service and in-house claims handling
  • Simple form for certificate requests
  • High limits available
  • Program designed by industry experts

Crash Pack

We send all of our clients a “crash pack”. It gives them the claim forms they need at their fingertips when they need them so they are not hunting for proper forms when an accident happens.

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